सहोत्थनम् महोत्कर्षम्

Utthan Charitable Foundation

(Project at Parbatipur, Assam, near Arunachal Pradesh Border)

Give a helping hand to those who are striving hard to come up from extremely difficult social circumstances.

It means participation in God's own activity, because "God helps those who help themselves".

This is exactly what we had in mind while starting "Utthan Charitable foundation".

Just Think

Act if you feel it right

  • The high rising trend of economic and technical development of our country cannot be stable without a strong social base.
  • We should not dream to call ourselves 'Super power' when millions of our brothers and sisters live in sub-human conditions.
  • Mere reservations, concessions, or distribution of money, food and other articles do not make the weaker section strong.
  • Efforts are needed to bridge the widening gap between haves and the have-nots.
  • This cannot be achieved by redistributing of wealth.
  • Free donations make poor people lazy and dependent.
  • But assistance to those who struggle against the odds, will boost their morale and encourage others to follow suit.
  • Hoping to set some good examples, we have just begun.
  • We have identified an activity in a remote place, where such efforts are being carried out consistently for the past two decades without much help from outside.
  • We feel that the activity deserves a helping hand.
  • We have decided to generate financial and other kinds of support for it.
  • We seek your co-operation in this noble task.

Here are the details of the project


Since British times, a sizable number of Sadani people (popularly looked down as 'Kulis') lived in No. 2 Parbatipur, a small village in the North Lakhimpur district of Assam on the border of Arunachal Pradesh. These innocent and illiterate people were mostly addicted to alcohol and had unclean habits. There weaknesses were exploited by vested interests and soon they lost most of their lands. Excessive poverty has forced some to leave the village in search of greener pasture. Others are struggling to sustain their livelihood and bring up the new generation in the changed circumstances.


In 1988, a group of youngsters from the community organized themselves to fight against the evils present in their society. Simple activities like games, songs, stories and recitations led to the formation of a school (Bhaskar Gyanpeeth), vocational training and socio-cultural activities under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Alka-Ashok Warnekar of Nagpur, Maharashtra.

After the departure of the Warnekar couple in 1999, the activities are running under the banner of Kalyan Ashram, Assam and the school is affiliated to Assam Shishu Shiksha Samiti under Vidya Bharati. The dedicated teachers and administrators are ex-students and founders since 1988. They are working in an extremely difficult situation under very tight financial constraints.

Four years ago a lady teacher of the school (Mrs. Draupadi Karua) married in a nearby village Ohat, started another school "Saraswati Vidyapeeth" in that village with the help of her husband and others.

There is a Shiva-Parvati temple "Uma Maheshwar Dham" in the school campus at Parbatipur with local teen-aged Pujaris of the Sadani community. Daily morning Puja, evening Aarti and occasional festivals have brought a significant change in the hostile and disturbed atmosphere of the village.


So far more than a dozen boys and girls have successfully thrown off the shackles of slavish mentality. They are engaged in private as well as Govt. jobs, business and social work. About a dozen students (sponsored by various institutions and individuals) are studying in far off states. Senior most among them Miss Shanti Munda has completed her four years LLB course at Nagpur. Another Miss Nunki Munda is a nurse in Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. A boy Master Rajan Munda passed his CBSE Matriculation Exam with above 82% marks. Students of Bhaskar Gyaanpeeth are doing very well in higher classes (wherever they have gone).

Present Situation

There are two primary schools (Bhaskar Gyanpeeth at Parbatipur and Saraswati Vidyapeeth at Ohat) run by ex-students with total strengths of 119 and 70. There are 7 and 4 teachers working on meager salaries. Class rooms have bamboo walls, old tin roofs, half broken benches, no fencing, no teaching aids, no games or transportation facility. There is a community hall, a temple, a quarter/guest house and a toilet block (all semi-pucca) in the campus at Parbatipur. Revenue from the affordable small amount of fees (₹ 20/- p.m.) received from the students is negligible. Yet the chariot is still moving.

Utthan Executive Committee


  • Dr. Chandragupta S Warnekar
  • Dr. Suhas M Tamhane
  • Mrs. Vidula V Jugade
  • Mrs. Jayashree R Kulkarni
  • Adv. Parimal G Kelkar
  • Mrs. Manisha A Badkas
  • Mr. Shrinivas S Warnekar
  • Mrs. Indra Malo Jain

Your help may come in any of the following ways

  • Contribute for land filling and building of 'Bhaskar Gyanpeeth' to the tune of ₹ 200,000/- only (estimated).
  • Contribute for Corpus fund to cater to the recurring expenses (from its interest) of both schools together ₹ 800,000/- only.
  • Sponsor a poor student in the school at ₹ 1,200/- p.a. including books stationary and uniform for 6 years (K.G. I to class IV)
  • Contribute in cash or kind for Children's Park, other sports and entertainment material, communication and transportation facilities, etc.
  • Contribute for completion of temple building and idols of "Shri Ganesha" and "Shree Ma Saraswati".
  • Annual gifts for 6 teen-aged Pujaris at ₹ 250/- each.
  • Direct participation by spending few days/months/years at No. 2 Parbatipur (it is beautiful village on N.H. 52 having necessary facilities available within 2 k.m. radius)
  • Visit with relatives and friends.
  • Letter of appreciation to the dedicated teachers/workers.
  • The expenditure will be under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Alka-Ashok Warnekar.

You may deposit your amount to State Bank of India savings account of UTTHAN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION:

A/C no: 30394791146, IFS Code: SBIN0004872